Smart Contracts for Data Commons

Tuesday 29th October 2019
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An important outcome in DECODE is having developed and deployed a reliable virtual machine (Zenroom) that can execute smart-contracts written in a human comprehensible language (Zencode) so that participants (user data providers) can consciously define what use is made of their data by services (user data recipients) aggregating and processing them. We have developed the Zenroom virtual machine and the Zencode language to securely process signed credentials and blind proofs to comply not only with blockchain architectures, but also with privacy regulations as GDPR and in general following privacy by design principles (D1.3). Here we provide a brief overview of the tools and then demonstrate how they apply to specific pilot cases with an analysis of the privacy implications that references the GDPR and in particular findings of DECODE's deliverables (D1.6 and D1.8) and reference to pilots in Amsterdam (D5.5) and Barcelona (D5.6).