Framework for democratic governance of distributed architectures

Sunday 31st December 2017
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The DECODE (DEcentralized Citizen Owned Data Ecosystems) project turns around three key realities at the core of the current data economy: technological infrastructures (software and hardware), data, and social actors. It proposes a model of data ecosystems where, in opposition to the current data economy, citizens (both individually and collectively) own, govern, and make the most of their data.

In this deliverable we carry on two main tasks. Firstly and more importantly, we outline a preliminary framework for the democratic governance of distributed ledger technologies (or blockchains) such as DECODE. Otherwise, we focus upon the connection between social actors and DECODE technology, attending primarily to software. We leave the systematic consideration of the democratic governance of data for a later work (D2.5). Secondly, we look at some of the impacts that DECODE technology (specifically, in connection with the Decidim digital platform for participatory democracy) may have upon democratic governance in the network society.