Deployment of pilots in Amsterdam

Friday 12th April 2019
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This report describes the work undertaken in the DECODE pilots in Amsterdam through January, 2019. The DECODE pilots are usable systems that promote the project’s core values. The Amsterdam pilots take an educational approach towards citizens and public administrations, which is guided by the following:

  • Pilot partners aim to build technical solutions that demonstrate opportunities and possibilities in the realm of digital identity.
  • The solutions should be useable by the general public and provide a clear path forward for further development.
  • Amsterdam pilot partners utilize this technology as a framework to educate people about DECODE values such as privacy by design, attribute-based credentials, digital identity, data ownership, and data commons.
  • Finally, the direct, applied, real-world effects of these pilots should clearly demonstrate the benefits of DECODE values to users.

This has led to two current pilots in Amsterdam: Gebiedonline and Claim Verification (18+). Both focus on implementation of Attribute-Based Credentials