Report on ecosystem bootstrapping activities

Sunday 31st December 2017
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The first half of the first year in WP6 was spent working out the rationale of co-creation in a project that puts real communities and citizens and the center, with a long-term vision of projected agency.. Co-creation takes into account the slow speed and messiness of actual situations. This is evident in building the pilots, where co-creation and codesigned methodologies are applied in the framework of lean and agile development, as described in D 1.1. The co-creation methodologies proposed might be relevant also to build an ecosystem of end-users and communities who can become DECODE champions from a rationale of creating collective awareness, and educating about today’s digital  ctizenship.

This document outlines the steps and the process that will lead to an actionable outcome during the duration of the project and after the project has finished. DECODE is building an ecosystem through its technical development and outreach, its pilots and user groups, the thought leadership of its members and the effect on other projects in the cities it is working in. All these activities are being reported on in dedicated deliverables.