Prototype data visualization tool

Sunday 30th September 2018
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BarcelonaNow is the interface through which citizens can explore data from the DECODE pilots in Barcelona, and make sense of them. This includes both public data and personal data, which can be either owned by a user or shared with them by others. 

The prototype was presented in previous deliverables, and in particular in D5.3 "Data analysis methods and first results from pilots" which includes the specification on the architecture and of the different components of the system. Deliverables D5.1 - "Barcelona Open Data and IRIS API available" and D5.2 "CityOS connection" do also include descriptions of the system, and in particular of the components to retrieve data from public sources (data collectors). 

  • In the current document we present the advancements in the development of the BarcelonaNow dashboard, and the design and specification of the planned upgrades.. The document is structured as follows: 
  • Section 2 contains a description of the current status of the prototype, highlighting in particular the improvements that were introduced since the previous deliverables (D5.2 and D5.3). 
  • Section 3 presents the new data sources added, namely Housing data from the Observatori Metropolità de l'Habitatge de Barcelona (Barcelona Housing Observatory (O-HB)), and democratic participation data from Decidim1 , the city council participative democracy platform. 
  • Then, Section 4 presents the work done and future plans for integration of BarcelonaNow with the two Barcelona pilots: Distributed Democracy and Data Commons (DDDC) (deliverable 2.5) and CitizenSensing IoT. 
  • Design and specification of the upgrades planned for the further development of BarcelonaNow are illustrated and discussed in Section 5. 
  • Finally, Section 6 closes the deliverable drawing some conclusions