Pilot Scenarios and Requirements

Wednesday 27th September 2017
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This document summarises the process that was used to compile the user requirements for the DECODE platform. The social requirements were gathered following a lean methodology, including user research with user stories from the identified lead users’ communities, the formulation of a main hypothesis and active experiments. The aim is to ensure that the DECODE architecture, requirements, and designs emerge from grounded bottom-up community requirements.

DECODE considers three different use cases: collaborative economy/hospitality, participatory citizen sensing, and open democracy, with a specific focus on how this relates to user communities in two European cities - Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Based on the use cases and through a series of agile inception workshops, the DECODE project has selected four pilots—two in each city—that showcase how DECODE achieves its overarching, ambitious goals, which are empowering the European citizens towards owning their online identity and data sharing in an independent, secure and trusted way. The document also details the process by which the pilots have been selected or accelerated as well as the roles and the involvements of the pilot partners.