Initial definition of Smart Rules and Taxonomy

Tuesday 3rd July 2018
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To facilitate transparency, multiple implementations, wide adoption and standardisation, DECODE develops a smart rule language and execution engine. All read and write operations affecting entitlements and accessing data can be expressed in this language, which we will design to become a robust open standard for authorisation around personal data. Such a language will aim to be data centric and functional, to naturally avoid complex constructions and define sets of transformations that can be then easily represented with visual metaphors. For each pilot, an exemplary set of attributes, entitlements and Smart Rules will be presented the second part of this document. In particular, we firstly present an initial set of data subject attributes and controller entitlements governing access to them common to all pilots. Secondly, we introduce seminal Smart Rules governing the consensual relationships between data subjects and data controllers for each pilot from registration to service engagement to opt out.