Hardware prototype and reference platform running the DECODE OS

Tuesday 3rd July 2018
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This document is part of the work done by Arduino in collaboration with the other technical partners in the DECODE project in the search for an optimal hardware platform ready to perform well enough to run the software created by the other partners in the consortium. While previous studies, made in D4.5, focused in a pure performance analysis of the boards chosen by the different partners, D4.8 builds on top of those results, includes the observations made by partners, makes a further analysis of other boards, and makes a final suggestion of an architecture that should be ready to fulfil the needs of the project. The next step, after this deliverable, will be to proceed with the design of the hardware on time to bring it in to some of the pilots and compare in real life its performance hand in hand with boards by other manufacturers. The analysis hereby presented is strongly oriented towards the production of an exploitable result by the end of the DECODE project.