Design and implementation interface for smart rules

Tuesday 3rd July 2018
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This Deliverable is an intermediary outcome of T1.4 “Graphical interfaces design for DECODE OS and for smart contracts”. 

A core theme within DECODE is to put the citizen at the centre of control of how has access to their data and for what purpose. Key to this is that we invert the current world of large corporations possessing the control and push control back to the individual. DECODE allows the individual to create an “entitlement” that codifies the terms and agreement to access and use the individuals data. 
The core objective for this work is based on the rational that while sharing potentially privacy sensitive information according to consensual choices, a good user experience is paramount to make sure citizens have trust in the DECODE ecosystem. The consequences of users’ actions should be clear at all points, demanding transparency and accountability in order to defend the right to privacy of the individual. An inclusive design, in which the end user is fully informed and empowered is one of the core values of the whole DECODE project.