DECODE Developers Conference: Opening up the DECODE App and tools to third party developers and entrepreneurs

Monday 23rd December 2019
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This deliverable summarizes the efforts made in the last six months of DECODE, in order to enable and accelerate the adoption of the technological output of the project, from third party developers and users. The approach used included:
1. Creating landing pages for the major individual components that would include:
  • A marketing-like product description
  • All links needed for developers to quickly get hands-on the source code
  • Contact section for extended support and chat box
  • Newsletter registration forms

2. Setting up workshops at the DECODE Symposium 2019 where:

  • DECODE developers would explain the technology, while been recorded
  • Key third-party developers who adopted DECODE technologies would present their developer experience, goals and expectations
3. Devising a post-DECODE plan to generate awareness of the components and the pilots, gatheringfeedback on the implementation and user-requirements and helping translating the pilots to market-ready products.