Benchmark and comparison of one-board computers and hardware specifications

Monday 19th February 2018
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The DECODE architecture relies on two types of distributed nodes: the Wallet node and the Validating node. Each type of node will require certain hardware specifications in order to support the DECODE system.

Performance tests on different devices were carried out in order to clarify which type of requirements are necessary to run DECODE. The tests targeted the main tasks that the HUBs will performn such as running cryptographic algorithms, making network transactions and storing data. This information can be used by other partners as a reference to request new testing platforms or to suggest further tests. In addition, a testing rack was built to allow future tests to be performed during the life span of the project and with the capability of remote access.

The testing tool that was used for the benchmarks is the open source Phoronix Test Suite, that features tests for processor, disk, RAM and network performance.

Finally the results of the tests are presented as a comparison between the different one board computers and a summary of the minimum hardware requirement for each type of hub.

The DECODE project follows a lean methodology and therefore this document does not contain final specifications but rather guidelines that will feed into the pilot's implementation and the initial round of testing and experiments. Alterations to these specifications might take place following the first round of testing during an ongoing iterative and lean process which will not be complete until the final deployment of the DECODE platform and pilots.