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Lavazza, fondata a Torino nel 1895, è un'azienda italiana produttrice di caffè di proprietà dell’omonima famiglia da quattro generazioni. Fra i principali torrefattori mondiali, il Gruppo è oggi presente in oltre 140 Paesi attraverso consociate e distributori, con il 64% dei ricavi realizzato all’estero. Lavazza impiega complessivamente oltre 4 mila persone, con un fatturato di 1,87 miliardi di euro nel 2018.

Nesta Italia tests and grows new ideas to address Italy’s most pressing societal challenges. Based in Turin, Nesta Italia is a partnership between the global innovation foundation Nesta, and Compagnia di San Paolo, one of Italy’s largest and oldest philanthropic foundations. Nesta Italia supports innovation in education; inclusion and urban policies; health and ageing; and the arts and cultural heritage – using Nesta’s proven innovation methods to encourage social innovation in Italy. We use our knowledge, networks, funding and skills – working in partnership with others across Italy, including governments, businesses and charities.

With 52 hotels in 25 cities, NH Hotel Group Italia is the leading hotel chain in the national market, edicated to business and leisure customers. In Italy NH offers 3 categories of hotels: NH Collection, premium hotels located in charming locations; NH Hotels, modern and functional accommodations, perfect mix of comfort, hospitality and affordable rates and now Milano, unconventional design hotel with a unique personality.


Since Codice Edizioni was born, in 2003, we’ve published popular science books; then we’ve expanded our scope of research to politics, economics, sociology, technology and digital culture. In addition, in 2014 we started publishing literary fiction books.

Wired Italia was born in early 2009 as the first non-English-language edition of the brand founded in 1993 in dot-com-fever San Francisco. It has also been the first Condé Nast brand worldwide to drastically rethink its formula. Wired Italia solidly sits on three equally important pillars. An innovation-themed digital and social platform, including the Italian company’s largest website and a fan base which is constantly growing thanks to its original tone of voice and its beyond-the-breaking-news-headlines approach. A very high-quality quarterly bookazine which won the SPD Magazine of the Year award. And a series of live events, most famously the WiredNextFest, are highlights of the global events calendar.

Founded in 1986, MicroMega is a bimonthly journal that publishes articles on politics and society, fiction and satire, and reports and inquires from Italy and abroad.One issue a year is dedicated to philosophy and one to science. Editorially, MicroMega speaks out against the degeneration of Western democracies, focusing on issues such as social and juridical injustice in Italy and abroad, (illegal) wars, mafia, ecological crimes, censorship, political corruption and secularism. Although this stance has made MicroMega an important forum for the views of the Italian Left, the journal is absolutely independent and has no link whatsoever to any political party.


Humanities & Social Change International Foundation provide funding to four theme-focused research centers located at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the University of Cambridge, the University of California and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The new research center is the product of an initiative of the Hamburg businessman Erck Rickmers and is financed by the Humanities & Social Change International Foundation that he founded. Their research focuses on capitalism and democracy, technology and society, cultural pluralism, fact and value-after truth.

          On the 160th anniversary of its foundation, from 7 to 10 November 2019, the Turin Polytechnic is organizing a Festival dedicated to technology and society. It will be a great opportunity for universities, citizens, businesses, public administration and the third sector to meet to get informed and reflect on the great challenges of an increasingly technological society. is a non-profit free software foundry with almost 20 years of expertise in developing applications used worldwide. Code is our literature: we build software to communicate, interact and inspire. We let art, science and technology meet open source.

The TOP-IX Consortium has been active for over fifteen years on several fronts: from infrastructure management for Internet Exchange (which is why it was established in 2002 ), to the Development Program , with which since 2006 it provides support for technological innovation projects; up to the Streaming platform , which allowed the Consortium to become the official Berlinale provider since 2006.
In the last few years TOP-IX has dealt with issues such as Cloud (2008); Open Data (2010), contributing to the creation of , the first Italian portal dedicated to open data; Big Data (2011), coming to create the " Big Dive " training course ; and Social Innovation (2014).