10th Nexa Conference, DECODE Workshop in cooperation with Future Urban Legacy Lab

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 09:00 to 17:30
Conference room "Luigi Ciminiera", DAUIN, Politecnico, Corso Castelfidardo 34/D, Torino

“Smart Cities” and “Smart Communities” have been recurrent keywords in countless projects and initiatives in the last decade, addressed to the emerging problems of our cities in the XXI century: pollution monitoring systems, smart grids, devices for remote health monitoring, robots for assisting aging population, traffic management systems are some examples. Recently the smart city rhetoric has attracted an increasing number of critics because most of the funding agendas and of the proposed solutions are ascribable to forms of technocratic and market driven governance -often bound to black box technologies and data- which do not really address the real causes of the complex urban issues. To recover the neglected role of societies in the urban governance, several counter-proposals are rooted on the notions of social and civic rights, citizens active participation through technology, and on the idea of urban digital commons. The 10th Nexa Conference is focused on the latter: we will discuss the role of urban digital commons in shaping the future governance of our cities, in the context of two ongoing projects: the Digital Open Urban Twin at the Future Urban Legacy Lab, and the H2020 project DECODE. 

Free entry while seats last, subject to registration (required) at the address: http://nexa2018.eventbrite.com 

Twitter hashtag della conferenza: #nexa2018

The Conference is accredited by The Council of the Turin Bar Association. The participation entitles the members to 2 training credits.